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Absinthe Gift Set / Cocktail Gift Set

Celebrate the magic of La Fée Verte, the green fairy, with this elegant absinthe kit. This kit makes a perfect "skull gift" for the curious at heart. All the tools you need to create a traditional absinthe cocktail. Your Valentine will be all aglow with this Valentine Gift Set.

You’ll receive a legendary vessel made of mouth-blown glass in the exact replica of the distinguished Pontarlier Glass. A perfect dose of absinthe can be measured every time by filling the 1oz reservoir at the base of the glass.

Sugar is also essential as absinthe is slightly bitter and can be up to 144 proof. 100% pure cane sugar is hand pressed into a skull shape to create a dramatic effect when slowly eroded by the dripping of water.

Simply balance the elegantly stamped vintage looking spoon on the rim of the glass with a sugar cube atop. As cold water is dripped over the sugar cube, the liquid will fall neatly into the glass below releasing the liquor’s oils and perfuming the air with fennel, grand wormwood, and anise — creating the cocktail alchemy magic known as the “louche”; a cloudy opalescent appearance.

Lastly, ignore what your mother told you, it is time to play with your drink — cheers.

~ Mouth Blown "Absinthe Glass"
~ Laser Etched "Absinthe Spoon"
~ Skull Shaped "Absinthe Sugar Cubes"
~ Vintage Reproduction Postcard
~ Recipe for Classic "Absinthe Cocktail"
~ Order with a 9-Pack box (9 sugar cubes) or 3-Bags (12 sugar cubes)
Please note: Although Absinthe is completely legal in the United States as well as most countries, I do not have a liquor license. NO alcohol is included. Sugar Cube Skulls are handmade and are made from NONGMO pure cane sugar with no flavoring.

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